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7 In-Demand Programming Languages a Developer Should Know

There are presently a huge number of diverse programming languages used by the software developers, with maximum jobs requiring the more familiar skills such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, and C#. However, since software demands evolve and develop, fresh and less widely-accepted languages are gaining in eminence, offering the developers the accurate tool for certain jobs.

    • SQL: It’s not surprising that SQL tops the job list given that it can be found far and wide in a variety of flavours. Database technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server power small businesses, big businesses, banks, hospitals, and universities as well. Undeniably, just about all computers and persons with access to technology in due course touch something SQL.


    • Java: Java is an object-oriented programming language initiated by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s and still in-demand, a benchmark for web-based content, enterprise software, games and mobile applications, as well as the Android operating system.


    • JavaScript: JavaScript is a customer and server-side scripting language developed that draws a lot of its syntax from C. This programming lanaguage can be vividly used across multiple web browsers and it is considered indispensable for creating animated or interactive web functions. It has extensive utilization in writing desktop applications and game development as well.


    • C#: Being a multi-paradigm language launched by Microsoft as part of its .NET initiative, C# combines principles from C and C++. It is a general-purpose language generally used to develop software for Windows platform and Microsoft.


    • C++: This programming language is an intermediate-level language, along with a kind of object-oriented programming features, basically designed to improve the C language. It powers major software like Winamp, Firefox, and Adobe programs. C++ is used to build up systems software, high-performance server application software, and client applications and video games.


    • Python: Python was named after the Monty Python. It is a kind of general purpose programming language, used in a range of applications. Python is simple, but exceedingly readable since very much resembles the English language. Furthermore, it is good for beginners, all the way up to seasoned experts.


  •  PHP: PHP is a free server-side scripting language specially designed for dynamic websites and application development. It can be directly rooted into an HTML source document, rather than an external file, which has created its popularity among the web developers worldwide. Currently PHP powers more than 200 million websites, including Facebook WordPress, and Digg.

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