Current Web Designing Trends and Statistics 2016

Current Web Designing Trends and Statistics 2016

A website design is vastly dependent on a user’s experience. Since, it is a multi-disciplinary exercise; the designers might stand to advantage from adopting a client-centric approach that examines analytics, LEAN process, UX research, coding, interactive design theory, aesthetics, and cyber-security, marketing and content strategy.

Here are some of the interesting statistics over web designing to help stress the significance of web designing practice for large and small businesses.

  • 94% of corporate mentioned web design as the reason they rejected a website.
  • 88% of the customers are less likely to return if they had a bad experience.
  • 48% of the users mentioned the website design as the number one factor in determining the credibility of a business profile.
  • 40% of the visitors left away from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds of loading time.
  • 62% of organizations which designed their websites for mobile platforms amplified their sales and 64% of organizations that designed their websites for tablets improved sales to a large extent.
  • Colours play a vital role in web designing, as it enhances web recognition by 80%.
  • 70% of the viewers look at lists with bullet points.

Now here are some recent trends in web designing that a web designer should be familiar with:

  • The Hamburger Menu: Though some people criticize this type of pattern, there is no doubt that its extensive use makes the function more easily recognizable for the visitors.
  • The Fold Reality is Dead Now: Nowadays scrolling is so outdated and cheap, and devices are so diverse in size, ‘the fold’ is ultimately becoming irrelevant in the online world.
  • Hero Images: Since vision is the strongest source of attraction, HD hero images are one of the quicker ways to grab the visitors’ attention. The advancement in bandwidth and data compression, there is no issue with slow loading times either.
  • The Animation is Back with Glory: Several stuffs are coming together to make animation an emergent star in modern web design patterns. The animation has come back with its former glory to rule over the web.


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