ERP software solutions

Nurture your business with our ERP software solutions

The web server based multiple location enabled ERP solution will help every growing business to simplify the back office automation process.

A global vision and an indepth understanding of client business needs is required for this cloud technology and business modules, in order to get measurable and flexible solutions which has high returns from IT investments.

Improvement in productivity, Accelartion of business cycle & reliability and higher level of services are provided to our valued customers with this ERP solution.

Because of its Mobile/Tab platforms, now you can manage your MIS from your mobile devices.

  • Benefits and Advantage of ERP

  • Faster communication:

    For faster communication within the departments the web based ERP software facilitates the accessibility from anywhere.

  • Implementation and customization: 

    Without disbalancing the exixting system, you can quickly and within no time, implement and customize the solution on your existing configuration.

  • Access from Anywhere:

    Without the use of internet connection, you can earn benefits of using web based ERP solution from anywhere and from place of the globe.

  • No special hardware:  

    No specialized hardware is required to manage the ERP software and there is no need of installation on every machines which is the best advantage of a web based ERP software.

  • Best for Managers:

    Subordinates can make quick decisions because of the easy data exchange facility which a Manager initiative by using of the web based ERP Software. For a Manager, data feeding becomes a difficult task because they are always on move for client meetings.

Modules of ERP

Customer Relationship Management

For an organization increased sales performance, superior customer service and enhanced customer relationship management are needed for achieving desired success.

A perfect solution is needed to get quick access to centralized customer information which will also help in achieveing the above said objectives.

To close sales, streamline the customer contact activities and importantly, foster customer-prospect relationships you should have access to the history of detailed and up-to-date communication.

  • Inbound and Outbound enquiry management

  • Interaction with every area of the system as well as gives you a detail view of the customer

  • Enhance your revenues by retaining high value customers and maximizing opportunities.

  • Stay ahead of your competitors by using our value-added services.

  • Perk up your company’s product development and service delivery processes

  • Make ready your employees with in-depth knowledge of the customer's requirements

  • Categorize the customer experience through quick problem solving process

  • Trouble-free run of customer information repeatedly

Financial Management

Irrespective of your business depth, financial Management module is firmly incorporated all your business wants whether it is stretched across the globe or locally focused.

For different departments and cost centers, this module provides financial functionality and analysis reports.

The features such as
  • Purchase Management

  • Account Payables

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Financial Transactions Reports/ Management

  • Sales Management

  • Ledger & Sub Ledger Management

  • Taxes Management

  • Account Payables

  • Cash Flow & Funds Flow Management

Material Management

Advanced warehousing features such as reverse operations, balancing, modification and transfer are hosted by the inventory management module. Diverse capability in inventory management are included as standard functionality within the Inventory Management module. Management of multiple storage centers and locations, specialized inventory management features (Serial numbers tracking) included as features.

A high degree of flexibility for handling complex storage needs and assures continuous update of warehouse inventory is provided by the Inventory management within the system, through multiple inventory methods and different types of auditing. The seamless integration with other associated modules within the system have automated all materials input and output transactions. For efficient, prompt and trouble-free inventory transactions within enterprises you can use the sofware.

Keeping track of your stock
  • Stock movement report

  • Stock Valuation (LIFO, FIFO, AVG method)

  • Material consumption report

  • Material for Job work tracking.

Sales and Distribution

Enquiry and Quotation management
Dynamically, this module enables you to create quotations and enquiry for existing products with different specification. For future reference, these can are printed on preprinted forms and mailed to customers. The enquiries are generated by copying and modifying existing quotations, new quotations can be created. In the new quote, all the properties of the existing quote of enquiry are inherited.

Acceptance of Order (AO) and Delivery Order (DO) / Dispatch plan:

As per customer’s product specification and delivery schedule, this module enables you to create Sales order. As per schedule, the Delivery order can be sent to your Plant / Cost centre.

Human Resource Management: To facilitate HR operations by lowering costs by deploying self-service applications and reducing time-intensive administrative tasks, a suite of integrated solution is designed for Human resource Management. There are many sub-systems under the HR module. Below listed are some of the most common sub systems.

Personnel Management: Personnel administration, HR master-data, salary administration and recruitment are included in the personnel management.

Organizational Management: Organizational structure, staffing schedules & job description are included in Organizational management.

Payroll System: Attendance management, statutory reporting for salary calculation, Pay sheet generation, Salary management, Bank wise Pay statement etc.

Personal Development: Additional training Determination, Training & event management and training assessment comprised in this section.

Assets Management

Primarily, Assets Management is useful for productive assets such as plant and equipment. It is the process of maintaining facilities systems and monitoring is followed to achieve the greatest return, with the objective of providing the best possible service to users and the practice of managing assets.

This system is applied to physical assets with the objective of providing in the most cost-effective manner for the required level of service. It is the combination of engineering, financial, management, economic and other practices. It includes the management of the entire lifecycle—including maintaining, design, modifying, operating, replacing, commissioning, repairing and decommissioning/ disposal construction.

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