‘Bharat Saves’ – An initiative by Google

‘Invest better and save more’ is the motto of Google, for now.

The giant technology company Google, based in the US is planning to create a website named ‘Bharat Saves’. The website will focus on to cater information on financial planning.

Google is planning to link Jan Dhan Yojana, the government’s inclusion scheme with the ‘Bharat Saves’ website. Since the launch of Jan Dhan Yojana in 2014, over 24 crore bank accounts were being opened and Rs. 41,000 Crore deposited were done.

The digital platform will provide an access to a range of information on financial products and financial literacy tools. Various BFSI organizations and industry will be joining hands to launch the digital platform.

Google will design the mobile application and website of ‘Bharat Saves’. An awareness campaign will be done for enhancing the financial literacy.

Firstly, the user has to complete the modules of financial literacy.  The certification will be given by the Indian government along with Google and an industry organization for clearing the test on financial literacy.

Google will offer a separate section for the users who can compare and purchase insurance and banking products.

Small Business owners, farmers, retired persons and homemakers are assessed as the targeted audiences by Google for this platform.

Before the arrival of Google’s proposal to the government, Apple has pitched the deal of making Apple Pay which will provide services such as digital wallet, mobile payment and a financial inclusion program.

The government organized ‘Digital India’ program, has given Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister a platform to meet the CEOs of several technology giants.

Discussions on important issues took place at the Digital India forum during the PM’s visit to the US which took place in San Jose, California.

As per International Monetary Fund (IMF), there has been a remarkable fall in the saving rates. According to a research data, the savings of a household have deteriorated to a quarter of the disposal income.

The reason for the fall of the savings rate is the stagnant income during high inflation rate for many. According to the economists, one of the reasons is the lack of access to modern financial instruments.

Top eCommerce Company on a threshold of downsizing


According to the source, the e-retail giant Flipkart is planning to downsize around 800 employees quoting the reason for below-performance. India’s e-commerce start-ups are thriving for growth and at the same time, chasing to save costs.

Here are few small and big e-commerce companies that have cut jobs in the last few months.

  1. Grofers

One of the grocery delivery service providers, Grofers have cancelled nearly about 60 campus job offers and put down 10% of the workforce in this year. As per CEO of Grofers, the current employees were notified about the cost cutting in every department and will be paid one month’s salary as severance.

  1. Flipkart

India’s biggest online retailer is cutting jobs for those who have failed to achieve the targets. The employees are offered to either resign from the job post or sent off with a severance pay. Almost 800-900 staff will be affected by the decision.

  1. CommonFloor

At the beginning of the year, CommonFloor was acquired by Wanburg Pincus and Tiger Global backed by Quikr. The possession led to a loss of 100 employees. Before the acquisition, the assets were being analyzed and consolidated with the business needs, as said by Quikr officials.

Due to low acceptance of the service, the company shut down their operation in nine cities. And the employees were given an option to shift to other cities.

  1. AskMe

AskMe witnessed 650 resignations across 40 locations within this year. The employees who were leaving the company were lying between the salary ranges of 2.5L to 6L.

  1. PepperTap

The Snapdeal backed grocery PepperTap shuts the operation because of high customer acquisition costs and low app integration with partner stores. The decision affected 150 employees.

  1. FoodPanda

With its online marketplace presence in Brazil, Russia and Eastern Europe, FoodPanda supported by Rocket Internet put down more than 300 employees from business segments like Sales, Marketing, Customer Delight and Vendor Service.


The realty portal reduced its employee strength by citing the reason for restructuring the business which will focus only on buying and selling of apartments.

  1. Go Zoomo

The online marketplace for pre-owned cars GoZoomo by Youngmonk Technologies Pvt Ltd slashed down their employees by 35% this year.

  1. Hiree

The online recruiting firm Hiree is backed by Abhiman Technologies Pvt. Ltd and is based in Bangalore have cut down the employees by 80%.


The reason stated by was to focus on core areas and it was done by streamlining the management and resources which resulted in the sacking of 60 employees.

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