Few must have Google Chrome Extensions

Google is trying to keep you engaged with your browsers only. For this, Google have created the Chrome Web Store which also boosts your productivity. The few years old web store consists have million of options for web applications in Google Chrome or Google Apps. At par, it provides you with the right kinds of extensions according to your needs. On one side, these extensions are automatically authenticated and safe but on the other side, few can be malicious.

Let’s have a look

  1. Earth View from Google Earth

You never want to start your search on a boring blank tab. When you open a new tab each time, a beautiful satellite image from Google Earth is displayed. If you like any of the images, you can even turn it into desktop wallpaper. If you are in a lazy mood, then select the LeanBack Mode to enjoy a slideshow of the best images from the world.

  1. Google Similar Pages

The search tool Google Similar Pages will help you to find more sites about the topic you are reading from the web ocean. You can even preview the similar websites which you can get on the results page.

  • Google Dictionary

If you want to increase your vocabulary or find out the meaning of the difficult words then Google Dictionary will help you out. The word reference tool of Chrome extension provides few options such as saving the looked up word, automatic translation of foreign words into your choice of language or getting an instant pronunciation words.

  1. Share to Classroom

The educational Chrome extension named Share to Classroom helps the teachers and students to share the same web page. Here, both the parties can push the viewing web page to each other which drives the learning faster.

  1. Data Saver

The official Chrome extension Data Saver helps to optimize your visited web pages by using compression technology on your PC or Smartphone with the help of Google servers.  You can view the graph which will display how much data you have saved and which websites are using up the most of the data.

The web store holds many official extensions which will make you enthused to use.

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