A Prudent Decision: Choose PHP for Website Development

For creating an intuitive and interactive web application in a simple way, PHP is mostly preferred by the web developers. PHP is one of the handy and resourceful server-side scripted language available free of cost. The reasons for opting PHP as the best solution for web development are stated below

This open source and feature-rich proprietary scripting language have all of the functionality to give the ultimate solution for the web designing.

  1. Independence of platform: It works on all of the major operating systems such as LINUX, Windows, Mac, etc and it edges with Apache and MySQL easily. And it turns out to be a cost effective programming language because of its cross-platform development feature.
  2. Free of cost and User-friendly: As it is an open source so it is maintained and updated by the set of developers from all over the world. Since its components are free to use and distribute. As it embedded with HTML source code so it is easily readable and understandable syntax.
  3. Secured and trusted: it is protected from threats and malicious attack because of its multi-layered It is trusted by many developers worldwide and has proven its potential by maintaining some of the popular and highly visited websites.
  4. Presence of large communities and capability: Class of large developers always keeps on updating the FAQs, Documentation, and Videos regularly. It can design and handle most trafficked websites. Facebook and Wikipedia are the examples who used it in their framework.
  5. Supports all major web servers and databases: Major web servers like Apache, Netscape, and Microsoft IIS are supported by PHP. Also, major databases like MySQL, IBM, FrontBase are too PHP friendly.

PHP uses its own space for which it decreases the loading time from the server and for its good processing speed eCommerce and Forums are developed faster. It is easily integrated with JavaScript, jQuery, etc. And its continuing update done by the developers will always make it stay ahead of every other programming language. PHP is the most favoured language for website development.

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