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Google Allows You to Filter the Suggested Ads Online as Per Your Preference

For those who are using Google i.e. Chrome or Gmail, your online mailboxes might have got flooded with notifications regarding a new web portal for controlling your ads. This opt-in service allows you to choose and control the types of advertisements you want to see on your web page. You can do this at a cost of sharing your personal details and subject of interest with Google and it will show you more of your targeted Ads.

The icon is named as ‘My Activity’ which you can see it on the new home tabs on the web and check your all Google activity log. This option will allow you to access everything about your performed searches, visited websites, places you searched on Maps, used android apps and ads you have interacted with, in a chronological form.

And yes, if the question arises regarding your privacy then there’s no worry because it will be accessed and deleted only by you.

‘Ads Personalization’ page is created within the ‘My Activity’ page, from this page you can customize your commercial ads according to your need and view choice. Checkboxes are available on various topics from where you can add or remove the sections from the page.  A section is added where you can add your age and gender and switch to change your ads.

Now you can view the ads based on your previous searched history, watched videos and other relevant information you have provided when you turn on the criteria. Once you comply with opt-in then you’ve got to produce Google with the information and recommendation about  your interacted ads.

But the time you will turn off the option, the ads will be based on your general location, not on your Google activities.

If you are choosing Google as your browser then you will be subjected to various commercials and that’s for sure. But the good thing about this option is atleast you can sort the ads if choose to opt-in.

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